Types of locks and their most common faults
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Do you know the types of locks and their common faults? In this article we will explain the breakdowns and their solutions in detail.

A lock is that element that makes up our home, which provides us with security; however, with the passage of time, it is very common for locks to begin to present their own faults due to wear and tear.

Of course, this is also compounded by a lack of maintenance, which can lead to problems when trying to unlock the lock.

It has happened to all of us at some point in our lives that when we get home and insert the key into the lock, we notice that it does not turn.

Although this situation is something that causes bad moods and makes us lose our patience, it is more normal than you can imagine.

Due to the fact that the different types of locks are one of the mechanisms that are used the most every day, this type of problem is very common.

That’s why today we want to talk to you and advise you on what to do if your home lock is faulty.

The key gets stuck in the lock and cannot be removed.

Sometimes you will find that the key suddenly gets stuck in your lock, and it will be difficult to get it back out.

When such a problem occurs, it is of great importance that you avoid straining, because if this happens you are likely to end up bending the key; or in the worst case scenario, you will end up breaking it completely.

In this situation, we advise you to use a clamp to hold and pull the key, so that you will achieve a much straighter and more efficient movement.

It is worth noting that you can also make use of a spray that you have on hand to make this process much easier.

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The key turns, but the lock won’t open for nothing.

If you feel that the key is a little loose inside the cylinder itself, and you notice that it turns without the cylinder itself unlocking, it is quite possible that the internal system of the lock has been completely damaged.

In this type of case, the only thing you can do is to seek the help and advice of an expert locksmith, who will help you to repair or, in the worst case, replace the lock.

The latch does not fulfil its function

Generally, this can be due to misalignment as a problem of constant use, as well as the many bumps, knocks, and tugs they receive at every opening and closing of the door.

This problem can be corrected if you use some of these options: 

  • First you have to tighten the screws, so that the mechanism will return to its initial position.
  • Re-adjust the part in the door frame so that it can be adapted to the new location of the latch.
  • Lubricate the latch with just a little spray lubricant.

The latch jams every time the key is turned.

This problem can occur because the door is displaced for one of these reasons: 

It can be caused by forcing the door open or closed, or by using wedges in the door, or it can also be caused by worn bolts or hinges.

It is worth noting that this problem can be checked by lifting the door a little, if the latch still works when we decide to close or open the door, then it will be necessary to correct the deviation in one of these different ways:

It is difficult to turn the key in the lock.

This type of problem will depend on the type of lock you have in your home: 

Combined opening mechanism

If you turn the key and its knob simultaneously, over time this system will lose its articulation and adjustment; this means that at any time the only solution will be to change this mechanism.

Normal or simple lock

In this case, the problem is usually caused by a lack of lubrication; just apply a little lubricant spray to the lock. 

In the event that the problem still persists, there will be no option but to hire a locksmith to resolve the situation.

Tips you can follow to avoid locking problems

We advise you to carry out a constant maintenance of the locks from time to time; in this way we assure you that they will be in perfect working order.

Locks need to be put to good use, and this can start with not knocking down doors, as this can cause them to be misdirected and cause the locks to malfunction.

It is always advisable to go to a locksmith expert in the case, this way you will be able to have a better review and a detailed analysis.

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