Autos sincrónicos y automáticos
Synchronous and automatic cars
Synchronous and automatic cars
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Synchronous and automatic cars are very essential depending on the use you will give them. In this article, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing synchronous and automatic cars is a strong debate with oneself. Whether we want the car to do the shifting for itself or for us the driver.

Automatic cars can be described as those cars that take care of themselves to do what is called the gear ratio automatically as your car moves. One of the visible flaws in these types of cars is that you can’t control the speed very well, which means they are less fast than synchronous cars. This flaw is due to the fact that automatic cars are mostly for long journeys, automatics have no control over speed and are much more prone to accidents.

Automatic cars 

Automatic cars have a gearbox as its name indicates, “Automatic”. In these types of systems, the gear change is indicated by sensors distributed and connected to a computer. This means that the gearbox of automatic cars is in charge of controlling the turns of the engine to the wheels of the car. 


Significant advantages:

This type of car is very comfortable to drive, this is due to the fact that the gear changes are automatic. Here only the accelerator and brake pedals and a simple gear selection are needed. The fact that the driver does not have to concentrate on constantly shifting gears makes it much easier to focus on the road and avoid possible accidents. 

  • This type of car allows the driver to accelerate faster. 
  • It is very useful and practical in cities with heavy traffic, and on very steep routes or with hills, mountains, etc. 
  • The box of these has a longer service life. 

Significant disadvantages:

  • These types of cars are much more expensive; it is estimated that the price of an automatic car is 10% higher than that of a synchronous car.
  • Its maintenance and relationship are much more expensive compared to a synchronous one.
  • They consume a much larger amount of fuel, which is of great concern to eco-friendly drivers. 

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Synchronous cars and their advantages

Synchronous cars can usually be differentiated from automatic cars since in the latter it is the driver who must make the changes. 

In this type of system, the gearbox itself cannot perform the transmission ratio. It should be noted that this ratio is modified only by the driver through the gearshift of our car. 

The gearbox mechanism of these cars is much simpler than that of an automatic gearbox. 

This system consists of a series of gears rotating at different speeds on the input, intermediate and output shafts. 

This force is transmitted by the main shaft to the intermediate shaft, which in turn transmits it to the output shaft. 

It should be noted that the speed or gear change is applied by the driver himself by means of a gear lever. 

All this change is given by means of rings, which are known as synchronizers, which are in charge of engaging the pinions for the gear change of the car. 

Throughout this process, the driver must keep the clutch of the car depressed in order to disengage what would be the rotation of the engine during this change. 


Significant advantages:

  • These types of cars with synchronous gearboxes consume much less fuel. 
  • The driver has better control of the car’s speed. 
  • They are much easier to repair. 
  • These are less expensive to repair than an automatic car. 
  • Should the car run out of fuel, or due to a simple battery failure, it will be much easier to push or move it to a more comfortable location; which would not be possible in automatic cars.

Significant disadvantages:

  • These types of cars require more maintenance, and internal parts are subject to more wear and tear. 
  • The use of the clutch turns out to be much more comfortable. 
  • Cars lose power and also speed during gear changes. 

It is good that you take into account all these advantages and disadvantages when you decide to buy a car, so you can be sure to choose the best one.

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