Learn how to drive uphill and downhill
Learn how to drive uphill and downhill
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Driving uphill and downhill is something that beginners are looking to learn. In this article you can learn how to drive uphill and downhill.

When we are not experienced in driving uphill and downhill, we may run the risk of an accident on the road. This situation has become a major challenge for many drivers, especially in areas with large hills.

Si quieres aprender a conducir cuesta arriba y cuesta abajo con tu coche, vamos a mostrarte algunos trucos a tener en cuenta para que esta acción no se convierta en una pesadilla para ti y tu coche.

How should we act in the event of an ascent with our car in motion?

To be able to tackle a steep climb, we must ensure that our car has enough power in the wheels to make safe and fast progress, this is achieved by downshifting to give it more power. The steeper the climb, the less gear should be engaged. It should be noted that if you notice a steep climb approaching, we recommend that you change gear before your car loses momentum. 

Starting uphill

If your car stalls in the middle of a hill, simply because it has lost power or for a completely different reason you find it difficult to get out of first gear because your car is going backwards, you can use your car’s handbrake as a secondary aid.

For this type of situation, we recommend following these steps:

  1. You must apply the handbrake and release the foot brake, so that you can put one foot on the accelerator and the other on the clutch. 
  1. Start accelerating and gradually release the clutch… 
  1. When you notice that your car wants to move forward, you will start to release the handbrake until the sound of the engine tells you that it has the power to hold on and move forward. 

Note that this technique is very useful, however, it is good to use it only in emergencies, as it leads to massive wear and tear on all brake and transmission parts. This is why we recommend that you practice hill starts in a safe area until you are no longer dependent on your car’s handbrake. 


Can I drive downhill with my car in neutral?

The answer to this question is a resounding NO, you should never descend with the gear in neutral, as it is very dangerous. 

Why is it considered dangerous?

It is considered dangerous because the wheels of your car will be released and will take a high speed without any control. Your car will become unstable, and this is because each of the wheels will roll on its own and there is no mechanism to regulate them to maintain an even speed. 

It is very common that when we go on a well-deserved holiday we go from smooth, flat roads to hilly roads with steep climbs and descents. That’s why you should keep your car in low gears and at prudent speeds, so you won’t have any problems.

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How to park your car on slopes

In addition to learning how to drive an automatic car uphill and downhill, you need to be fully prepared for parking. That’s because you won’t know when you’ll have to leave your car on a steep road, so we’ve got some tips for you:

  • Stop your car. 
  • You must apply the handbrake. 
  • Put your car in the car park.
  • Turn the wheels towards the rim. 
  • If you notice that the slope is very steep, you can count on the help of an object as an obstacle for the wheels of your car.

Becoming a skilled driver and knowing how to get into a car on automatic means putting all this knowledge into practice, which is why you need to have all the necessary safety measures in place. It is always advisable to check the condition of your car’s brakes from time to time, as this will prevent accidents in the long run. Follow the recommendations we give you in this article!

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