distilled water for cars

Distilled water for cars What is it and what does it do?

Distilled water for cars is one of the best known coolants, but few know what it is used for, in this article you can learn more about it in detail.

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Do you know what distilled water for cars is for? In the following article we are going to show you its functions and why you should apply it to your car for it to work properly. 

When you are driving your car, it is important to consider that common problems can occur in any car. 

How when there is a lack of coolant, your car’s engine can overheat and you may start to notice faults in your car.

However, you should be aware that both overheating and freezing can damage any type of engine component. 

This is why it is of utmost importance to keep the temperature under full control. 

To avoid these types of problems that high temperatures cause to the engine of our car; there are different types of coolants that can help us. 

In addition, these types of coolants are responsible for maintaining an adequate internal temperature; this will ensure that all the parts of our car work optimally. 

One of the best known coolants is distilled or demineralised water for our cars.

Keep in mind that it is always good to use the coolant recommended by the manufacturer or your mechanic. 


What is distilled water used for? 

In order to understand in detail the function of distilled water, and what it is used for, the first thing to know is that we are talking about a type of water that first goes through a process which removes any minerals present. 

All of this with the aim of preventing corrosion in the mechanical parts of the engine of our car, thus avoiding malfunctions in the future. 

This type of coolant helps our car to maintain the temperature of our engine at a totally optimum level and at the same time safe, and also prevents its parts from being damaged by the presence of these minerals. 

You should also remember that distilled water does not work as an antifreeze, because it freezes easily. 

At around 0°C the first crystals start to appear in the water, which are harmful to the internal system of our car. 

At the same time, the distilled water refill should only be changed when there is a drop in the level, or you could simply call a service technician to detect the source of the leak. 

At other times it is much more advisable to use other types of fluids in order to keep the temperature of the car’s engine at a safe level. 

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We will show you some of these below:

Coolant and corrosion inhibitors 

This compound is made from additives that help to protect the internal mechanism parts of our car; this will prevent corrosion and wear and tear, which in the long run is extremely harmful. 

Moreover, its composition allows it to reach a wide range of temperatures without evaporating or freezing, which is why this type of refrigerant is good for use in areas with extreme temperatures. 

It should be noted that these contain glycol, which is a more environmentally friendly alternative refrigerant. 

It should also be noted that the refrigerants must be compatible with the materials of the refrigeration system.

However, we recommend that you always follow the manufacturer’s and the distributor’s recommendations, and never mix different refrigerants.

These should not be bound together as they could produce solid sediment that could eventually end up clogging various ducts in the engine of your car. 


This liquid is the most suitable if you are in an area that is too cold, as the chemical composition of the liquid means that it does not freeze when temperatures drop below 0 °C.

Its primary purpose is to maintain the temperature of our car’s engine at an acceptable level so that it can function properly. 

In the right proportions it can be maintained with internal crystallisations in a certain range up to – 40 °C or – 50°C.

In addition to all this, distilled car water can be used to refill the cooling system of your car in cases where the coolant level is too low.

This will prevent sudden overheating of the car’s engine, which can cause the engine to overheat when you are driving. 

You should be aware that if the levels vary, there may be some kind of leakage that requires immediate attention.

You already know what it is used for and the importance of distilled water in your car, but whatever your choice, always remember to have a coolant.

It will allow you to drive safely and reduce the risks that overheating of your car’s engine can bring. 

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