car theft techniques
Car theft techniques: Know them to avoid them!
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Car theft is a big problem. In this article we will talk about common techniques so you will know how to act in a similar situation.

According to the PDI, it detected the different ways in which car thieves carry out robberies throughout Chile. 

The Investigative Police (PDI) released a list of the most common ways that criminals use to steal other people’s cars.

It is worth noting that many of these modes come from abroad because they are so well formulated and effective. 

There are many ways for someone to get hold of a car that does not belong to them, and these thieves rely on newly invented tricks. 

Or simply by old methods that the friends of the thieves themselves know (from their own experience) this is undoubtedly a serious problem for innocent drivers. 

Here we are going to show you some of the methods that thieves in Chile use to steal cars that do not belong to them:

The so-called Toli method 

Although this method may sound like some kind of movie script, it is one of the most common methods used by criminals. 

Criminals tie cans to the back of the car, or simply give the car a little whack from behind. 

The driver will react the moment he hears the sound of the cans or the impact; first you have to get out of the car leaving the keys in the ignition, and that is where the failure occurs.

At that precise moment, the thieves take advantage of the driver’s carelessness to get into the car and drive away. 

Inhibitor Technique

This is the most advanced technique, and this is because it requires the use of technology to inhibit the signal emitted by our car key.

Criminals use this type of technology to make the driver believe that he has locked the car, when in fact he has left it unlocked. 

This way, when the driver has left, you can take the car and flee the scene. 

Second Hand” Technique

In this technique the thief relies on the trust of the human being, there are now a number of websites that serve as a link between drivers looking for a car for sale and second-hand car owners selling them. 

Criminals know this, and this is how they use these platforms to target their victims through advertisements. 

After choosing their victim, they meet with the seller to test drive the car and when the owner gets out of the car. The thief, with the excuse of test-driving the car, flees so as not to be seen again.

car thefts

Theft of the petrol cap

If you notice that your car’s fuel cap has been stolen, you should be very careful. This could be the first step for criminals to create a copy of the key. 

You should be aware that a copy of the key will allow access to your car. 

You should be very wary of this type of theft, as it can be the start of very bad news for you and your car. 

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The theft of the number plate

This act can be defined as surreal, this type of robbery usually takes place in public car parks and shopping malls.

The thief will be given the task of stealing the number plate of your car, as soon as the driver gets out of his car to check the theft of the number plate he will notice that the number plate and the car has been lost. 

Cars that have been stolen will be destined to be sold for parts, they may be shipped quickly after the theft to Eastern European countries and Magret for counterfeiting. 

To avoid theft of your car we recommend that you take into account the factors already presented, and it is always good to keep in mind that the important thing at this point is to always be vigilant.

Summer, the best time of year for car thieves

It is considered the time of year when almost all Chileans take the opportunity to take a break from work; but unlike thieves, they do not rest.

And it is on this date that more cars are stolen, the rate of theft on this date is much higher than in previous months. 

This is why it is always advisable to leave your car properly parked if you want to do different activities with your family; this way you will be more sure to find it when you return. 

Having car security systems is also a very good way to prevent these frequent thefts. 

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