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Car batteries When to change them?
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Don't know when to change your car battery? We created this article to inform you a little bit about car batteries.

The car battery is a fundamental element for the operation of the car, and it can be found in the engine block of our car. 

Its purpose is no more than the storage of what would be the electrical energy by means of a chemical process, for this reason we say that the battery for a car is an electrochemical battery. This same one is constituted by an accumulator that usually has nine plates, which are:

  • Five refusals. 
  • Four positive. 

These are connected alternately by means of a bridge, each of the parts of the car battery is in behavior with an electrolytic solution which is composed of distilled water and sulfuric acid. This means that combining the solution with different lead plates would produce a chemical reaction, which has an electric current. 

When we manually administer energy to the battery for auto the process is reversed by returning the sulfate from the plates to the electrolyte. It is necessary to emphasize that the maximum tension that can be administered in this system is 2.2v, the reason why several are joined in series and thus the size of the plates increases. Thanks to this it is going to allow to obtain batteries of 6, 12, 18, and up to 24v. 

car batteries

How long does the car battery last? 

It is advisable to pay special attention to the signals that our car may show when the battery asks for a change, in order to avoid major complications. 

A car battery that needs to be replaced causes a more energetic and accelerated start in our car sometimes, since not all car brands have a discharge indicator light that warns us when the battery needs to be replaced. 

Here we are going to show you several points that you should take into account when checking the car battery:

Check the condition of the terminals:

This could be very helpful, because if they loosen or rust due to constant vibrations or simply due to the passage of time, respectively, it will cause intermittent electrical failures.

If our car’s battery were to reach the end of its useful life 

If the problem is that the battery has reached its replacement time, this will make it difficult for you to start the engine; this can lead to a failure that can eventually incapacitate the starting system itself. 

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The average life of our vehicle’s battery can be 4 years.

Yes, the battery life of your car could be 4 years, this will depend on the use that is given to it; As in any element other than our car, it must be used responsibly and appropriately and thanks to this it will prolong its duration.

Discharge of the battery if used too often

If we force the starting cycles or if we add electrical elements that may require a higher amperage; remaining inactive for a period of time will cause a discharge of the battery. 

¿Cómo cargar de forma segura la batería de nuestro auto?

It is also good to know how to charge the battery of our car in the case that it is required to do it. To begin with, we must have the necessary elements at hand. It is possible to emphasize that they are not many the elements that are needed, but if in concrete the following ones:

  • A rectifier charger. 
  • Protective glasses or goggles. 
  • Protective gloves. 

Once we have these elements at hand, certain necessary precautions must be taken, not only to avoid damaging the battery or the charger but also to avoid accidents and self-injury. The most common is to assure well the connections between the terminals of the battery and that the charger is located as far as possible from the battery of our car. 

Now, to proceed to its disconnection, we must first clean the terminals of the battery, then we must carefully disconnect it in an orderly manner.

  1. First the negative terminal and then the positive terminal. 
  1. The battery must not be handled or opened in any way as it contains elements that are toxic and corrosive. 

Climate factor in our car battery life 

The weather is an important factor in the life of the battery of our car since these are not resistant to sudden changes in extreme temperature. If the battery is constantly exposed to climatological factors, this will severely affect its duration, making it last much less than expected. Just as it is not good to leave the lights on in our car all night when we turn off our engine since the next morning our battery will undoubtedly be completely discharged.

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