Autos bifuel
Autos bifuel
Bifuel cars: the new technology for your car
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Bifuel is the system that allows the use of two different types of fuel. We created this article for you to learn more about the bifuel cars.

The term biofuel applies to the engine of any car that runs on two types of fuel; regular fuel and different fuel. This means that the car will use gasoline or diesel, and apart from that it also uses an alternative fuel such as compressed natural gas or hydrogen. This system is used with ideas for the care of the environment that also creates a war against traditional fuel and diesel. 

In many parts of the world and in certain areas have restricted the passage of polluting cars, this has led car manufacturers to look for great alternatives such as the bifuel. However, this is a system totally unknown to most of the public, and this is because its use is not widespread compared to electric cars.

What is the Bifuel system?

The innovative bifuel system will allow the engine of any car to use two types of traditional fuels, both gasoline and diesel, with natural gas or hydrogen. It can also be defined as an electronic management system for fueling gasoline or diesel engines, which will allow alternating the combustion of these fuels with gas. 

At present there are only three types of these combinations, which are: 

Combined with hydrogen:

This is one of the most abundant gases that exist, in addition to the fact that it does not release CO2. The biggest advantage it has is that the engine performance is much higher and more noticeable.

Combined with compressed natural gas or CNG 

In its composition, we can find methane, which is much less polluting than gasoline. 

Combined with liquefied petroleum gas or LPG

This gas is also eco-friendly for the environment, and you will be able to notice a remarkable saving in fuel. 

Can the Bifuel system be installed in any type of car?

If you own a car that runs on traditional combustion, i.e. gasoline or diesel engine, you can convert it into a bifuel engine. 

It should be noted that it does not matter if your car runs on carburetor, injection or just direct injection. For this you only have to install a separate device for the gas, which usually does not require much space. There are many garages that place them in the spare wheel compartment of the car. The price of this installation is usually around 880 thousand pesos. The cars that have this type of system have the ECO label, this is an approval to access urban areas where circulation is restricted.

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Remarkable advantages of cars with bifuel systems

In addition to the remarkable savings in your economy, the new Bifuel system has very few pollutant emissions, and we can also note that the engines that have this system reduce a high percentage of noise transmission levels. With the use of this system, you can save between 30% and 50% compared to traditional combustion engines. 

It emits very few emissions that are pollutants. 

The engine will be much quieter and vibration-free. It is good for you to keep in mind that it is one of the quietest engines you can find in the automotive market. 

It provides a long service life to our car, reducing maintenance costs. 

This combustion does not leave any residues, which will contribute to a long life for our car’s engine. 

Generates less wear on valves and pistons. 

Our car’s engine oil will remain unchanged for a long period of time. 


Environmentally friendly

You have to keep in mind that by using bifuel car systems you will contribute to improve air quality. 

In addition, these systems emit 96% less carbon dioxide unlike a diesel car and up to 14% less CO2 than a gasoline car.

Cars that move using the bifuel system operate in a similar way to traditional combustion cars. 

They have two tanks, one for gas and a different one for gasoline, which will allow them to double their autonomy. 

In some cases, cars with this type of system manage to drive around 1,400 kilometers without the need to recharge, combining both fuels.

Cars with a bifuel system have a high level of safety; in case of security or fire, there is no risk for the passengers or the driver in case of an accident. 

It is good that you take into account all these recommendations when you want to buy a car with a bifuel system. 

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