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    Hyaluronic Acid in your skin. Know its characteristics!

    Hyaluronic acid is defined as a substance that has great benefits for our skin, hair, joints and muscles. 

    We all naturally possess this type of substance in our bodies, which in turn has a major impact on our good health.

    The function linked to hyaluronic acid is to moisturise and help rebuild tissues throughout our body, mostly used in the skin, as this is the largest organ in our body.

    In this post we will teach you all about hyaluronic acid, what it is used for and the importance of having to recover it when we start to lose it over the years.

    This way you will be able to fully understand all its properties, and how you can incorporate it into your personal care routine.

    How is hyaluronic acid applied and its uses?

    It offers great benefits to our skin and organism in general, as we have already explained, which is why its use over the years has become essential.

    We can then explain that this important substance is used as: 

    • It is used as an effective cosmetic against the appearance of wrinkles, in different parts of our body.
    • Hyaluronic acid is used as a kind of filler to conceal dark circles under the eyes.
    • It works as an excellent aid against arthritis, as it can relieve joint pain.
    • Hyaluronic also works as an excellent hair moisturiser.

    You should note that depending on your needs, you will find a variety of forms in which you can find hyaluronic acid.

    • Hyaluronic Acid in ampoules, creams, tablets and ampoules.

    Health benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

    This substance is found naturally in various tissues and organs of our body, whether in the epidermis, connective tissue, cartilage or synovial fluid.

    Hyaluronic acid plays an important role in our health and the proper functioning of our body.

    It is worth noting that after the age of 40, the loss of hyaluronic acid in our body becomes more noticeable; even more so in the skin, which is the part of our body that stores most of the protein.

    Here are the different benefits of hyaluronic acid in different parts of the body.

    Hyaluronic Acid on the Lips 

    Those who have the good fortune to live a long time will have to deal with the life and deterioration of the lips; also of the whole area that surrounds them and shows the traces of the passing of the years.

    As a moisturising and revitalising substance, hyaluronic acid helps to smooth wrinkles on the face and those unsightly fine lines on and around the lips.

    It is recommended to apply hyaluronic acid with an easy cream or by means of injections; remember that this process should always be carried out by a specialist.

    However, with hyaluronic acid injections you can see almost instant results, but the disadvantage is that you are obliged to see a professional.

    Unlike the cream, you can achieve a much more progressive result, but from the comfort of your own home. 

    Hyaluronic Acid as an aid for Arthrosis 

    Hyaluronic acid is a substance that can be used to help prevent and treat osteoarthritis, which is a disease that leads to very early or rapid degeneration of cartilage.

    It should be noted that cartilages are tissues that are responsible for joining each joint of our body, when such pain progresses, it becomes very difficult and painful to move, as the joints do not have much lubrication.

    By consuming hyaluronic acid, damaged tissues can begin their regeneration process and become more hydrated, thus beginning to function in optimal conditions.

    It should be mentioned that this substance does not cure this degenerative disease, but it is an excellent complement to help treat it. 

    This relieves the pain suffered by the patient and allows better mobility of the affected parts.

    Benefits for the knees 

    Osteoarthritis is a disease that involves the rapid degeneration of cartilage in the knees, which reduces cushioning and the ability to move the joints more smoothly, resulting in much more pain. 

    One of the treatments available for this type of disease is the infiltration of hyaluronic acid into the affected area.

    This will start the lubrication process, which at the same time will give relief and better mobility to the affected patient.

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    Hair benefits 

    As a highly moisturising substance, hyaluronic acid is ideal for treating damaged or badly damaged hair.

    In addition to providing moisture, it also helps to protect the hair from UV rays and other damaging environmental factors.

    Thanks to a hyaluronic acid hair treatment, you can give your hair shine, strength and keep it hydrated; for the summer it is ideal in relation to the sun’s rays and the chlorine in swimming pools.

    As treatments for dark circles under the eyes 

    Just as with the lips, hyaluronic acid offers great benefits for smoothing and treating the bad appearance often caused by dark circles under the eyes.

    You can use the cream version, which will show considerable results, but with injections you will achieve more instant but not permanent results.

    Therefore, you should repeat this process every 6 to 9 months. There is no doubt that hyaluronic acid offers great benefits and therefore excellent results for our skin and organism.

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